#ABOERJC March 5, 2019

Join us at 7 pm MST for a discussion of Sarah Lambert’s article “Changing our (dis)course: A distinctive social justice aligned definition of open education.”

Article link: http://jl4d.org/index.php/ejl4d/article/view/290/334

Moderator Cari Merkley @carilibrarian has provided the following questions to help you prepare for our discussion:

Question 1: What stood out for you most about this article?

Question 2: Were there any findings in the thematic analysis of the sample texts that surprised you? Anything you struggled with?

Question 3: What opportunities and/or challenges might emerge from the broad adoption of the proposed definition of open education with its focus on social justice?

Question 4: How do the concepts outlined in this article relate to discussions around Open Education Week? Do these concepts and values intersect, overlap, or diverge? For context, the following definition is provided on the Open Education Week website (thanks @erikasmith for suggesting this question).

Question 5: How well do our OE initiatives here in Canada (or that we are contributing to elsewhere) address the three principles of social justice (redistributive, recognitive and representational justice) outlined in the article? Are there any projects that you would like to highlight?

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