December 3rd #aboerjc discussion questions

This month’s discussion will hosted by Connie Blomgren (@DocBlom). She will be asking questions related to a presentation from OEGlobal19, a keynote given by Dominic Orr (@DominicOrr) titled “New Learning pathways in an open and digital  world – What might the education landscape look like in 2030?”.
He holds the position of Adjunct Professor Novia Gorica & Research Lead at Kiron Open Higher Education. Here is the link to his slidedeck

Discussion questions: 4 Major Goals for higher education are given as well as 4 pathways for higher education learners.

  1. Are these 4 goals for higher education attainable? To what degree do you see these goals as being difficult to achieve? (I will list these 4 goals in a series of tweets – so people can engage).
  2. The first learning pathway (i.e. the closed ecosystem of a Tamagotchi metaphor) matches with our current higher education practices. Do you see this changing by 2030? Why or why not?
  3. The second pathway (Jenga metaphor) has a foundation created through shorter study blocks and in Jenga style you build it up. What would be the merits or drawbacks to this approach?
  4. The third pathway is based on a Lego metaphor – with modules of different sizes and needs making up the learner’s pathway through higher education. What are the merits or drawbacks to a Lego metaphor for a learning pathway?
  5. The 4th is on the Transformer metaphor -where learners do not directly enter into higher ed and instead acquire their learning identity through experiences which contributes to their eventual studies. What are the merits or drawbacks to this model?

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