Join Robert Lawson discussion of Hodgkinson-William OE Global presentation on Open Education and Social Justice – Tuesday Jan 7 2020 @ 7pm MST

The Warp and the Weft of Open Education and Social Justice

Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams. (2019, 27 November 27). Paper presented at Open Education Global, Milan, Italy. Available under a CC-BY license

“By implication open education subscribes to notions of social justice, but implementation strategies and research often focus on economic injustice to the exclusion of cultural and political inequities. Moreover, despite altruistic motivations, open education activity may unintentionally reproduce many of the existing inequities that it seeks to change. Drawing upon the projects in which I am involved I will highlight the intertwinement of open education and social justice in projects in the global south, by illustrating ways of strengthening equitable access, cultural equality and political legitimacy.” Abstract from

Video Recording of Presentation:


1. What guides your development/use of OER or open education? Social justice? economic equity? Cultural diversity? Political inclusion?

2. How have you considered your own positionality when developing or using educational materials? Positionality is a declaration of your own background for the purposes of clarifying potential biases; for example, your ethnicity, socio-economic background, gender etc.

2. What are some other considerations you would include to promote social justice using OER and open education?

3. Are you aware of any initiatives in Canada to re-evaluate devalued knowledge? Can you think of any examples of a culturally inclusive open education project?

4. Since many OER resources and a lot of open research are in English, does this further promote cultural hegemony in countries whose first language is not English?

6. In terms of cultural and political hegemony, how can open education empower those who are seen as subordinate to the dominant power? Do you have any examples with respect to curricula, assessment and accreditation?

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