#aboerjc Twitter Chat – Tuesday March 3, 2020 w/ @verenanz to discuss Cronin’s chapter on walking a critical path in open education

Open education: Walking a critical path

Cronin. C. (2019). Open education: Walking a critical path. In D. Conrad, & P. Prinsloo (Eds.), Open(ing) Education: Theory and Practice. Leiden: Brill. 

Open Access Version – http://eprints.teachingandlearning.ie/4345/ (Further OA chapters from this book have been shared via Twitter hashtag #openingeducation)


Q1: Welcome to #ABOERJC for Tues, March 3, 2020. Please tell us a little about yourself and why you are participating in the chat this evening. #EdTechEthics

Q2: In your opinion, what is your definition of open education? Do you have any links or digital resources that you could share to help clarify your definition? #ABOERJC #EdTechEthics

Q3: How do you espouse open ed in your learning context? Through access ? Collaboration? Creation of Knowledge? Integrating formal & informal learning practices? Pls give us some examples #ABOERJC #EdTechEthics

Q4: In @catherinecronin ‘s article, Cronin suggests the article “ encourages moving beyond the binaries of open and closed” What are some of your perceptions of open and closed binaries in education? #ABOERJC #EdTechEthics

Q5: “Open education narratives have been criticised in each of these respects, as well as for an overall tendency towards idealism and optimism” Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? #ABOERJC #EdTechEthics

Q6: In your opinion, who defines openness? Who is included and who is excluded when education is ‘opened’, and in what ways?   #ABOERJC #EdTechEthics

Q7: In your opinion, in what ways do specific #OpenEd initiatives achieve their stated aims of increasing access, fostering inclusivity, enhancing learning, developing capacity and agency, and empowering individuals, groups, and communities, if at all? #ABOERJC #EdTechEthics

Q8: Can open education initiatives, in practice, do the opposite of what they are intended to do? #ABOERJC #EdTechEthics

Q9: How can you consider critical approaches to #OpenEd which seek to reframe learning to be participatory, emancipatory & more accessible? #ABOERJC #EdTechEthics

Thank you for participating in the #ABOERJC #EdTechEthics Cross- Canada Twitter Chat. Please consider following @catherinecronin and send her a tweet about your perspectives of her chapter 🙂 

Thank you Dr. Verena Roberts. March 3, 2020 #aboerjc #EdTechEthics @verenanz discussion of @catherinecronin article “walking a critical path in open education” https://wakelet.com/wake/694558db-ee19-42a4-850f-b58520ac76ee

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