#aboerjc April 7, 2020 @ 7pm MST. @PLmacisaac will discuss academic library support for #OpenEd resources in Scottish universities. #OER #OEP @DocBlom https://rgu-repository.worktribe.com/preview/479532/THOMPSOM%20219%20A%20case@20s

#aboerjc @ PLmacisaac will discuss @sthom_23 and @adriennemuir’s 2019 article, “A case study investigation of academic library support for open education resources in Science (doi:10.1177/0961000619871604). https://rgu-repository.worktribe.com/preview/479532/THOMPSOM%20219%20A%20case@20s @DocBlom @eriksation

Q1: By way of introduction

What is it about OER that resonates with your core values (personal or professional)?

Q2: Library ethos

For centuries, libraries served only private interests. Even today, some public and academic libraries around the world are “closed” to anyone without proper ID, while many are physically open to anyone from the public.

What do you see as the uniqueness’s of libraries to address social justice issues through OER?

Q3: Library neutrality

This vision is close to my heart, but acknowledges the persistence of power imbalances rendering unequal access to information. Libraries decide the language, format, and content of material is acquired; physical and digital access to the collection; etc.

There is no single place (physical or digital) that provides access to all information.

In the spirit of increasing access to OER, share your tips for finding OER. Post the URL and how you use that particular resource.

Q4: Any surprises?

Have you been surprised about the digital literacy skills librarians possess to overcome barriers to OER development and use? Share experiences working with libraries on OER projects.

Q5: Open in Closed

Without judgment, I’m interested in the choices authors make in publishing. If you’ve published on #OER #OEP topics in closed publications tell us why?

Is it for advocacy? Are there more closed publications in your area of research?

Q6: Having a side of OER?

For many, working with OER is not part of one’s regular work.

Tells what you think was successful or will need to change in your organization to reduce OER work from being a side hustle.

Would one you post these to the blog?

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