#aboerjc May 5, 2020 @ 7pm MDT. Discuss @dougledIHE @insidehighered (Doug Lederman’s) article with responses from front-line academics regarding the covid-19 pivot to online learning. @DocBlom @eriksation @KlamnJam

Lederman,, D. (2020, March 25). How the shift to remote learning might affect students, instructors and colleges.

Link to article


Lederman’s prompts were directed to individuals who reflect on their experiences with shift to online learning @BryanAlexander @Bali-Maha (Maha Bali) @actualham (Robin DeRosa) @kreshleman (Kristen Eshleman) @joshua_r_eyler @OnlineCrsLady (Laura Gibbs) @penelope_a_moon @slamnteacher (Sean Michael Morris) @Muhlenberg (Lora Taub) @iLearnNow (Fabiola Torres)

Questions from @dougledIHE article Q1-Q4(in italics)

Q1. What has changed in your (or your colleagues’) teaching practices as a result of the COVID-19 crisis? Did your institution’s (or your own) priorities or guiding principles for learners change? What is different for your learners?

Q2. How do you expect your ability to support learners through technology to be enhanced or degraded? Will the relationship between content and process change? With the “college at home” environment being the norm, how will you reimagine equitable access for students?

Q3. Which changes are “forever” — permanent changes in the teaching and learning landscape? Which seem more likely to revert to pre-coronavirus approaches, as a new normal in higher education emerges?

Q4. What possibilities are there for rebuilding or evolving your own institution on the far side of the COVID-19 crisis? Is this opportunity for growth through the crisis different for your other alliances (e.g., personal learning networks or higher-ed professional organizations)? What is your emerging vision for post-crisis higher education in general?

Questions from @DocBlom @eriksation @KlamnJam

Q5. #aboerjc What is your reaction to some of these questions/responses based on your experience? Are you familiar with face-to-face, online learning, or blended learning? K-12? Higher Education?

Q6. #aboerjc What are your thoughts on “remote learning” versus “online learning”? Do the terms make a difference to you or to your practice?

Q7. #aboerjc What role do you see #OER and #OEP play in shifting to more online learning?

Q8. #aboerjc What issues are top of mind for your teaching/institution/students?

Archive of this Twitter Chat will be posted after May 6, 2020.

View Doug Lederman’s previous article and prompts: Lederman, D. (2020, March 18). Most teaching is going remote. Will that help or hurt online learning?


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