#aboerjc Tuesday Nov 3 @ 7pm MDT. Join @s_hammershaimb to discuss @mpaskevi & @_valeriei #OEP, #OE and learning design. Article and questions: https://wordpress.com/post/aboerjournalclub.home.blog/443 @DocBlom @egchristiansen @verenanz

Paskevicius, M. and Irvine, V., 2019. Open Education and Learning Design: Open Pedagogy in Praxis.  Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2019(1), p.10. DOI: http://doi.org/10.5334/jime.512


**** Q1: How have you seen open access change what an educator can do, and how do you think this impacts pedagogy? 

*** Q2: How do you communicate the value/pedagogical implications of openly accessible information on teaching and learning practices?

*** Q3: Which way of defining open practices in teaching and learning resonates with you (p. 2 of 10 in the article)? 

***Q4: In what ways, if any, have you observed this shift from OER to open teaching and learning practices in your own context?

****Q5: The research participants were asked to share their catalyst for engagement with OEP. Do any of their answers resonate with you? How?

****Q6; How do you see open resources shaping the pedagogical approach of teaching and learning in your context? Which themes from the results stand out to you?

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